Self Shadow


Aug 07, 2012: Initial slides and course notes.
Aug 12, 2012: Corrected a typo in Brent Burley’s slides.
Aug 12, 2012: Added Naty Hoffman’s slides.
Aug 12, 2012: Updated Brian Smits’ course material.
Aug 13, 2012: Updated Yoshiharu Gotanda’s course material. (Note: this includes a correction to a side-by-side comparison of Oren-Nayar IBL.)
Aug 14, 2012: Minor update to Yoshiharu Gotanda’s course notes.
Aug 14, 2012: Updated Steve McAuley’s course material and added accompanying calibration video.
Aug 15, 2012: Updated Adam Martinez’s course notes.
Aug 22, 2012: Updated Brent Burley’s slides.
Aug 31, 2012: Corrected a typo in Adam Martinez’s course notes.
Aug 31, 2012: Corrected the normalisation factor in Equation 4 of Brent Burley’s course notes. (Credit: Emmanuel Turquin.)
Sep 10, 2012: Added Naty Hoffman’s course notes and notebook.
Sep 10, 2012: Added Adam Martinez’s slides.
Oct 31, 2012: Corrected Oren-Nayar simplification steps in Yoshiharu Gotanda’s slides and notes. (Note: only the equations have changed; the graphs and images were correct.) (Credit: James Canete.)
Nov 14, 2012: Added Powerpoint version of Yoshiharu Gotanda’s slides.
Aug 12, 2014: Updated version of Brent Burley’s course notes, containing followup details in a new addenda, plus various minor corrections throughout.