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Aug 13, 2011 - Conference


Both HPG and SIGGRAPH were a blast and I’m intending to write up a full report soon, but here are some links to conference content in the meantime. If you have any additional sources, please let me know in the comments section and I’ll update the post accordingly.


Practically all of the slides and posters are available here, including Hot3D presentations. For everything else, see Ke-Sen Huang’s list.


If you’re playing catch up and wondering where to start, the Real-Time Rendering blog has your back.

Birds of a Feather

Blender Foundation Community Meeting
Cortex Open-Source Framework
There are also videos of the BOF here (via @ImageEngine)
An annotated version of the Brink Preferred Rendering With OpenGL presentation can be found on the Splash Damage publications page (via @pixelmager)
WebGL (slides + demos)


Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games
The Battlefield 3 and Need For Speed: The Run presentation is also online here (via @repi)
Applying Color Theory to Digital Media & Animation (video)
Beyond Programmable Shading (via @aaronlefohn)
Build Your Own 3D Display
Compiler Technology for Rendering
Destruction and Dynamics for Film and Game Production
Filtering Approaches for Real-Time Anti-Aliasing
Introduction to Modern OpenGL Programming
Liquid Simulation with mesh-based Surface Tracking
Matthias Müller-Fischer’s slides are also online here
Modeling 3D Urban Spaces Using Procedural and Simulation-Based Techniques (via Naty)
PhysBAM: Physically Based Simulation
Production Volume Rendering
Stereoscopy From XY to Z

Emerging Technologies

A Dynamic BRDF Display (related EG paper)
A Medical Mirror for Non-Contact Health Monitoring
Face-to-Avatar (video)
FuwaFuwa: Detecting Shape Deformations on Soft Objects Using Directional Photo-reflectivity Measurements
Immersive Multitouch Workspace
Mommy Tummy: A Pregnancy Experience System Simulating Fetal Movement
MoleBot: Mole in a Table
Photochromic Sculpture: Volumetric Color-Forming Pixels (video)
PocoPoco: A Tangible Device That Allows Users To Play Dynamic Tactile Interaction (video)
Recompose: Direct and Gestural Interaction With an Actuated Surface
Surround Haptics: Sending Shivers Down Your Spine
The Virtual Crepe Factory: 6DoF Haptic Interaction with Fluids
Touch Interface on Back of the Hand
Vection Field for Pedestrian Traffic Control

Exhibitor Tech Talks

NVIDIA (via @Icare3D) You can also find streamable videos here (via Naty)


Although Cory Doctorow’s keynote isn’t about rendering as such, the topic of digital rights is still highly relevant to the videogame industry, so here it is (via Naty).


3D Shape Scanning With a Kinect
3D Inverse Dynamic Modeling of Strands
Adaptive Training of Hidden Markov Models for Stylistic Walk Synthesis
A Framework For Distributed-Audio Smartphone Games
A Screen-Space Approach to Rendering Polylines on Terrain
Abstract Ocean Waves (gallery)
ChoreoGraphics: An Authoring Environment for Dance Shows
Computing Optimal Guarding and Star Decomposition of 3D Models
Deshaking Endoscopic Video for Kymography
Design and Optimization of Image-Processing Algorithms on Mobile GPU
Dual Sphere-Unfolding Method for Single Pass Omni-directional Shadow Mapping (pdf, video)
Embroidery Modeling and Rendering in Real Time
Fluid Simulation Without Pressure
Gradient Domain HDR Compositing
Hierarchical Upsampling for Fast Image-based Depth Estimation
Integrating Multiple Depth Sensors Into the Virtual Video Camera
Layered Photo Pop-Up
Light-Field Caching
Light-Field Retargeting With Focal-Stack Seam Carving
Metamorphic Light: A Tabletop Tangible Interface Using Deformation of Plain Paper
Meta-Ryoshka: Haptic Illusion on Perceiving Shape
Multiscale Feature-Preserving Smoothing of Tomographic Data
Protoviewer: A Visual Design Environment for Protovis (demo)
onNote: A Musical Interface Using Markerless Physical Scores
Parts Identification and Motion Estimation on CT Scanned Assembly Meshes (pdf)
ParXII: Optimized, Data-Parallel Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting
PRIMA (Parallel Reality-based Interactive Motion Area)
Real-time Terrain Modeling using CPU-GPU Coupled Computation
Refractive Index-Dependent Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Functions
Screen-Space Spherical Harmonics Occlusion (S3HO) Sampling
Self-Organized Criticality as a Method of Procedural Modeling
Simultaneous Speech and Animation Synthesis
SonalShooter: A Spatial Augmented Reality System Using Handheld Directional Speaker with Camera
Stereoscopic Media Editing Based on 3D Cinematography Principles
Synthesis of a Video of a Performer Appearing to Play User-specified Music
The Composition Context in Point-and-Shoot Photography
Tiled Directional Flow (videos, code)
Touch Interface on Back of the Hand
Towards a Computer Vision Shader Language
Turning a Graphics Tablet Into a Transparent Blackboard
Using Statistical Topic Models to Organize and Visualize Large-Scale Architectural Image Databases
VITA: Visualization System for Interaction With Transmitted Audio Signals (video)
Z-fighting Aware Depth Peeling

Production Sessions

Guerrilla: The Creation of Killzone 3 (via Naty)


Adaptive Importance Sampling for Multi-Ray Gathering
Band Decomposition of 2-Manifold Meshes For Physical Construction of Large Structures
Capturing Thin Features In Smoke Simulations
Data-driven Bird Simulation
Decoupled Ray Marching of Heterogeneous Participating Media
Demand-Driven Volume Rendering of Terascale EM Data (slides)
Display Pixel Caching
Facial Cartography: Interactive High-Resolution Scan Correspondence
Fluid Dynamics and Lighting Implementation in PixelJunk Shooter 2 (video presentation and slides) (via @okonomiyonda)
Generating Displacement From Normal Map for Use in 3D Games
Google Body: 3D Human Anatomy in the Browser (via Naty)
GPU Fluids in Production: A Compiler Approach to Parallelism
High-Resolution Relightable Buildings from Photographs
Implicit FEM and Fluid Coupling on GPU for Interactive Multiphysics Simulation
Importance Sampling of Area Lights in Participating Media
Interactive Hybrid Simulation of Large-Scale Traffic
Interactive Indirect Illumination Using Voxel Cone Tracing: An Insight (full paper here)
Kami Geometry Instancer: Putting the “Smurfy” in Smurf Village
KinectFusion: Real-Time Dynamic 3D Surface Reconstruction and Interaction (video)
Learning to Classify Human Object Sketches
Making Faces - Eve Online’s New Portrait Rendering (via @tuan_kuranes_rs)
Next Generation Image Based Lighting using HDR Video (pdf)
Non-uniform Motion Deblurring for Camera Shakes using Image Registration
Occlusion Culling in Alan Wake (new link, via Naty)
Out-of-core GPU Ray Tracing of Complex Scenes
Parameterizing Animated Lines for Stylized Rendering (links to NPAR paper)
Pattern Mapping with Quad-Pattern-Coverable Quad-Meshes
Per-Face Texture Mapping for Real-time Rendering (see “Real-time Ptex”)
[Practical Occlusion Culling in Killzone 3](Practical Occlusion Culling in Killzone 3) (via Naty)
Run-Time Implementation of Modular Radiance Transfer (slides, video)
SBL Mesh Filter: A Fast Separable Approximation of Bilateral Mesh Filtering
SpeedFur: A GPU-Based Procedural Hair and Fur Modeling System (video)
Spherical Skinning with Dual-Quaternions and QTangents (via @NIV_Anteru)
Triple Depth Culling
Who Do You Think You Really Are (trailer)

Technical Papers

As always, Ke-Sen Huang has tirelessly gathered links to all of the available technical papers and associated media here. There’s also a video preview online, as well as a PDF (warning: 184MB) containing the first page of every paper. (Via the Real-Time Rendering blog.)

The Studio

Fast Mobile Shaders (originally How to Write Fast iPhone and Android Shaders in Unity)
Follow this link for further Q&A.
Introduction to Python Scripting (via Naty)
Special Effects With Depth (via @kubacupisz, Naty)

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