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Aug 12, 2023 - Conference

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SIGGRAPH 2023 Conference Content

Open Source

ASWF Open Source Days

Birds of a Feather

ANARI: The Industry’s First Portable Rendering Engine API
glTF: Transforming 3D Asset Delivery for Real-Time Graphics
OpenXR: Enabling Cross-Platform VR/AR Experiences
The State of 3D Asset Interoperability using USD and glTF
Vulkan, Forging Ahead


A Gentle Introduction to ReSTIR: Path Reuse in Real-time
A Whirlwind Introduction to Computer Graphics for Total Beginners
Advances in Real-Time Rendering
Computational Interferometric Imaging
Exterior Calculus in Graphics
Introduction to Generative Machine Learning
Neural Fields for Visual Computing
Path Tracing in Production — The Path of Water
Polarization-based Visual Computing
Shader Writing in Open Shading Language
The Vulkan Computer Graphics API

Emerging Technologies

A Demonstration of Morphing Identity: Exploring Self-other Identity Continuum…
Action-Origami Inspired Haptic Devices for Virtual Reality
AI-mediated 3D Video Conferencing
An Interactive Showcase of RCSketch: Sketch, Build, and Control Your Dream Vehicles
Augmented Haptic VR Experience Combining Two Weight-shifting Versatile Controllers
Demonstrating JumpMod: Haptic Backpack That Modifies Users’ Perceived Jump
Imperceptible Color Modulation for Power Saving in VR/AR
Inclusive Quiet Room -for building an inclusive society-
LivEdge: Haptic Live Stream Interaction on a Smartphone by Electro-tactile Sensation…
Single-shot VR
SomatoShift: A Wearable Haptic Display for Somatomotor Reconfiguration…

Exhibitor Sessions

Generative AI Theater
    Reshaping the Film & Television Industry with Generative AI
Houdini HIVE
OpenUSD Day
Sony Creators Conference


Sony: Pioneering the Future of Creation
Unity Wētā Tools


AI-Assisted Avatar Fashion Show: Word-to-Clothing Texture Exploration and Motion Synthesis…
Automatic Architectural Floorplan Reconstruction
Computational Design of Nebuta-like Paper-on-Wire Artworks
Dynamic Storyboard Generation in an Engine-based Virtual Environment for Video Production
ExudedVestibule: Enhancing Mid-air Haptics through Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation
Fabrication of Edible lenticular lens
Learning Human-like Locomotion Based on Biological Actuation and Rewards
Metro Re-illustrated: Incremental Generation of Stylized Paintings Using Neural Networks
Neural Shape Diameter Function for Efficient Mesh Segmentation
Palette-Based Colorization for Vector Icons
Point Anywhere: Directed Object Estimation from Omnidirectional Images
The Talk: Speculative Conversation with Everyday Objects
Updating Human Pose Estimation using Event-based Camera to Improve Its Accuracy
Utilizing LiDAR Data for 3D Sound Source Localization


A Procedural Approach for Stylized Bark Shading
An Approximate Mie Scattering Function for Fog and Cloud Rendering
Artist-friendly Tools for Realistic Knitted Cloth
Avatar: The Way of Cloth, Hair, and Coupled Simulation
Bodyopt - A Character Deformation Pipeline for Avatar: The Way of Water
Can You See the Heat? A Null-scattering Approach for Refractive Volume Rendering
Ciallo: The Next-generation Vector Paint Program
Student-T and Beyond: Practical Tools for Multiple-Scattering BSDFs with General NDFs
Denoising Production Volumetric Rendering
Elemental Characters: Bringing Water to Life
Elemental Characters: From Sparks to Fire
Elemental Characters: Making Characters Out of Thin Air
Elemental Characters: The Living Vegetation of Element City
Engine-eering a Procedural Pipeline with USD
Estimating Discrete Total Curvature With Per Triangle Normal Variation
Everybody’s an Effect: Scalable Volumetric Crowds on Elemental
Eyes Without a Face: Integrating detached facial features into Pixar’s character pipeline
Fire and Explosions in Avatar: The Way of Water
Interactive GPU-based Decimation of Large Meshes
Making a Digital Double of Alan Shepard’s Space Suit
Metempsychosis in Media, Performance, and Sleep Choreography
Procedural Techniques for Large, Dynamic Sets in Elemental
Shaping the Elements: Curvenet Animation Controls in Pixar’s Elemental
Singed Silhouettes…: Volumetric Neural Style Transfer for Expressive Fire Simulation
Volume Rendering for Pixar’s Elemental

Technical Papers

See Ke-Sen Huang’s comprehensive papers list.

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