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Aug 13, 2022 - Conference

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ASWF Open Source Days

Art Papers

Field of Leaves: An Interactive Installation Sprouting Leaves Out of Public Money
KineCAM: An Instant Camera for Animated Photographs
Three Stage Drawing Transfer
Woven Behavior and Ornamentation: … Self-Shaping Woven Textiles

Birds of a Feather

Advanced PBR Material Parameters in glTF
Dancers of VRChat
Delivering Interactive Experiences with glTF
How Do We Solve the Challenges of glTF Asset Creation?
Khronos Fast Forward
Metaverse and Interverse research development in CG and Interactive techniques
Metaverse and the Future of glTF
The Web3D Ecosystem and the Metaverse


Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games
Building the Open Metaverse
Contact and Friction Simulation for Computer Graphics
Differentiable Cameras and Displays
Dynamic Deformables: Implementation and Production Practicalities (Now With Code!)
Optimizing Vision and Visuals: Lectures on Cameras, Displays and Perception
Practical Aspects of Spectral Data in Digital Content Production
Practical Course on Computing Derivatives in Code
State of the Art in Telepresence:
    Human Factors for Telepresence

Emerging Technologies

Demonstrating poimo as Inflatable, Inclusive Mobility Devices with a Soft Input Interface
Demonstration of Electrical Head Actuation… (SIGCHI presentation)

Exhibitor Functions

Houdini HIVE

Turing Award Lecture


Beyond Linear Perspective: Art, Human Vision, and Computer Graphics


A Comparison of Zoom-In Transition Methods for Multiscale VR
A Fast Text-driven Approach for Generating Artistic Content
A Well-aligned Dataset for Learning Image Signal Processing on Smartphones from a High-end Camera
Accurate Diffuse Lighting from Spherical Gaussian Lights
Artist Controlled Fracture Design Using Impurity Maps
Blow-up Print: Rapidly 3D Printing Inflatable Objects in the Compressed State
Compression and Interactive Visualization of Terabyte Scale Volumetric RGBA Data…
DynaPix: Normal Map Pixelization for Dynamic Lighting
Evaluating the Quality of a Synthesized Motion with the Fréchet Motion Distance
Generating Diverse Indoor Furniture Arrangements
HDR Lighting Dilation for Dynamic Range Reduction on Virtual Production Stages (video)
HiVideo: Hierarchical Browsing Interface for Educational Videos
Hybrid Prediction for Games’ Rollback Netcode
HYFAR: A Textile Soft Actuator for Haptic Clothing Interfaces
Inclusive Character Creator: A Showcase of Inclusive Design for 3D Character Creators
Interactive Editing of Monocular Depth
Kuchibashi: 3D-printed Tweezers Bioinspired by the New Caledonian Crow’s Beak
MetaPo: A Robotic Meta Portal for Interspace Communication
Non-line-of-sight Transient Rendering
On the Influence of Dynamic Illumination in the Perception of Translucency
Parallax Background Texture Generation
Recording and Replaying Psychomotor User Actions in VR


A Fast and Robust Solution for Cubic and Higher-order Polynomials
Accelerating Facial Motion Capture With Video-driven Animation Transfer
Creating a Planet and Clouds Lightyears Away
Countering Racial Bias in Computer Graphics Research
Differentiable Direct Volume Rendering (+ presentation) (TVCG)
Encanto — Let’s Talk About Bruno’s Visions
Feature Curves and Surfaces of 3D Asymmetric Tensor Fields (TVCG)
FirstPersonScience: An Open Source Tool for Studying FPS Esports Aiming
Fracture-aware Tessellation of Subdivision Surfaces
From Procedural Panda-monium to Fast Vectorized Execution using PCF Crowd Primitives
Green Screens, Green Pixels, and Green Shooting
Hair Emoting with Style Guides in Turning Red
How We Reconstructed the Neighborhood Destroyed by the Tulsa Race Massacre
NeuroCartography: Scalable Automatic Visual Summarization of Concepts in DNNs (+ presentation) (TVCG)
Omnidirectional Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation in Virtual Reality (TVCG)
Online Projector Deblurring Using a Convolutional Neural Network (TVCG)
Practical Multiple-scattering Sheen Using Linearly Transformed Cosines
Revamping the Cloth Tailoring Pipeline at Pixar
Sex and Gender in the Computer Graphics Research Literature
Space Rangers with Cornrows
Tracking Character Diversity in the Animation Pipeline
Training a Deep Remastering Model
Video See-Through Mixed Reality with Focus Cues
VirtualCube: An Immersive 3D Video Communication System (TVCG)

Technical Papers

See Ke-Sen Huang’s comprehensive papers list.