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Aug 18, 2021 - Conference

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SIGGRAPH 2021 Conference Content

Session Recordings

Real-Time Live!

Birds of a Feather

3D Commerce: The art and business of using 3D models in retail…
An exploration of pervasive 3D in geospatial with glTF
Building the Open Metaverse
Ensure Correct Vulkan Synchronization by Using Synchronization Validation
Global VFX Pipelines (Google slides)
Hands on with glTF: Making 3D pervasive
Khronos Fast Forward: Rapid-fire overview of all things Khronos…
OpenXR: On an HMD near you now!
Simplify Vulkan Development with new Ecosystem Enhancements
VFX Reference Platform (+ video)
Vulkan without boundaries: Case studies from the real world


Advances in Neural Rendering
Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games
An Introduction to Deep Learning on Meshes (to appear)
Color Management With OpenColorIO v2 (PDF)
Contact and Friction Simulation for Computer Graphics
Geometry Processing with Intrinsic Triangulations
Least Squares for Programmers (+ video)
Rendering Engine Architecture
Spectral Imaging in Production

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Summit

Anti-Racist Graphics Research

Emerging Technologies

Balanced Glass Design: A Flavor Perception Changing System…
Behind the Game: Implicit Spatio-temporal Intervention … Playing Air Hockey
Demonstrating MagnetIO: Passive Yet Interactive Soft Haptic Patches Anywhere
Demonstrating Touch&Fold: A Foldable Haptic Actuator for Rendering Touch in Mixed Reality
DronePaint: Swarm Light Painting with DNN-based Gesture Recognition
Gaming at Warp Speed: Improving Aiming with Late Warp
MetamorHockey: A Projection-based Virtual Air Hockey Platform…
Polarimetric Spatio-Temporal Light Transport Probing
Reverse Passthrough VR (+ paper)
SwarmPlay: A Swarm of Nano-quadcopters Playing Tic-tac-toe Board Game…

Exhibitor Sessions

Autodesk Vision Series
Vertex Software


Adaptive Radiometric Compensation on Deforming Surfaces
Animated Futurist Sculpting as 4D Implicit Shapes Immersed in 3D
Balanced Glass Design: A Flavor Perception Changing System…
Interactive DPM for Thin Plants With the Latency Measurement
Light Field Projection for Tangible Projection Mapping
Multi-scale Rendering Roughness-sensitive Plasmonic Structural Coloration
Non-Photorealistic Ray Tracing with Paint and Toon Shading
PanoSynthVR: View Synthesis From a Single Input Panorama With Multi-cylinder Images
Pockets: User-Assigned Menus Based on Physical Buttons for Virtual Environments
Silent Speech and Emotion Recognition from Vocal Tract Shape Dynamics in Real-Time MRI
TeraFoils: Design and Rapid Fabrication Techniques for Binary Holographic Structures…
Text-based Motion Synthesis With a Hierarchical Two-stream RNN


A Fast Sparse QR Factorization for Solving Linear Least Squares Problems in Graphics
Beeing — Nature Inspired VR Journey
Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination Resampling
Freezing Fire – Automated Light-passes for Stop-motion VFX
Lessons Learned … Building Screen-Space Samplers with Blue-Noise Error Distribution
Passing Multi-Channel Material Textures to a 3-Channel Loss
Persona: Real-time Neural 3D Face Reconstruction for Visual Effects on Mobile Devices
Simulation and Visualization of Virus Transmission for Architectural Design Analysis
Unbiased Emission and Scattering Importance Sampling for Heterogeneous Volumes
Unbiased VNDF Sampling for Backfacing Shading Normals

Technical Papers

See Ke-Sen Huang’s comprehensive papers list.