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Apr 11, 2012 - Blog

Travelling Without Moving

Lately I’d been getting increasingly frustrated with the limitations of WordPress(.com), so I longed for a change. With the Easter weekend, I finally had a little extra time and energy to make the switch to Octopress, plus a dedicated web host. Hopefully that’ll encourage me to start posting again, or at least remove one major grumble. I’m also looking forward to such liberties as the ability to embed WebGL, though I can’t entirely promise that I’ll wield such power responsibly.

Existing post URLs remain the same, but if you’re one of the illustrious few who subscribe to the blog via RSS, I’m guessing that you’ll need to change over to the new feed. Update: I’m redirecting the old feed URL now, so everything should be back to normal! Speaking of RSS, as I’m now using MathJax for $\LaTeX$, it appears that I’ll need to implement a fallback there, in addition to tracking down a rendering issue with Chrome. Please let me know if you spot any other oddities.