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Jul 31, 2016 - Conference

SIGGRAPH 2016 Links

Open Access

SIGGRAPH 2016 Conference Content (for a limited time)


Courses: Physically Based Shading in Theory and Practice
Talks: Brain & Brawn
Live Streaming Sessions (free registration required)


A Practical Introduction to Frequency Analysis of Light Transport
Advances in Real-Time Rendering
An Elementary Introduction to Matrix Exponential for CG
An Introduction to Graphics Programming Using WebGL (preliminary)
Augmented Reality - Principles and Practice
Computational Tools for 3D Printing
Fourier Analysis of Numerical Integration in Monte Carlo Rendering: Theory and Practice
Fundamentals Seminar
Geometric and Discrete Path Planning for Interactive Virtual Worlds
Haptic Technologies for Direct Touch in Virtual Reality
HDR Content Creation: Creative and Technical Challenges
Inverse Procedural Modeling of 3D Models for Virtual Worlds
Modeling Plant Life in Computer Graphics
Moving Mobile Graphics
Open Problems in Real-Time Rendering (starting to appear)
Physically Based Shading in Theory and Practice (video recording) (starting to appear)
Physically Based Sound for Computer Animation and Virtual Environments
The Material Point Method for Simulating Continuum Materials
The Quest for the Ray Tracing API
Vector-Field Processing on Triangle Meshes

Technical Papers

See Ke-Sen Huang’s comprehensive papers list.


A Practical Stochastic Algorithm for Rendering Mirror-Like Flakes
Blue-noise Dithered Sampling
Cache-Friendly Micro-Jittered Sampling (video)
Differential appearance editing for measured BRDFs
Digital Painting Classroom: Learning Oil Painting Using a Tablet
Estimating Local Beckmann Roughness for Complex BSDFs
HFTS: Hybrid Frustum-Traced Shadows in ‘The Division’
Luma HDRv: An Open-Source High-Dynamic-Range Video Codec Optimized by Large-Scale Testing
Making a Dinosaur Seem Small: Cloudscapes in “The Good Dinosaur”
Mesh Colors With Hardware Texture Filtering
Practical Analytic 2D Signed Distance Field Generation (direct link)
Quantum Supersampling
Shape-Analysis-Driven Surface Correction
Simulating Rivers in “The Good Dinosaur”
Stochastic Layered Alpha Blending
Volume-Modeling Techniques in “The Good Dinosaur”


A Tabletop Stereoscopic 3DCG System With Motion Parallax for Two Users
Coded Skeleton: Programmable Bodies for Shape Changing User Interfaces
Cross-Field Haptics: Push-Pull Haptics Combined With Magnetic and Electrostatic Fields
Dynamic Spatial Augmented Reality With a Single IR Camera
Error-Bounded Surface Remeshing With Minimal-Angle Elimination
Graphical Manipulation of Human’s Walking Direction With Visual Illusion
Interaction With Virtual Shadow Through Real Shadow Using Two Projectors
Interactive Multi-Scale Oil Paint Filtering on Mobile Devices
Light-Field Completion Using Focal-Stack Propagation
Model Predictive Control for Robust Art-Directable Fluids
Non-Humanoid Creature Performance From Human Acting
OpenEXR/Id (code)
Optimal LED Selection for Multispectral Lighting Reproduction
Ray-Traced Diffusion Points
Real-Time 3D Face Super-Resolution From Monocular In-the-Wild Videos
Real-Time 3D Rendering Using Depth-Based Geometry
Relation-Based Parametrization and Exploration of Shape Collections
Sculpting Fluids: A New and Intuitive Approach to Art-Directable Fluids
Synesthesia Suit: The Full-Body Immersive Experience

Birds of a Feather

Khronos Chapters (videos)

Exhibitor Sessions

The Foundry (videos)

Real-Time Live

Real-Time Cinematography in Unreal Engine 4

Open Source / Standards


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