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Aug 18, 2020 - Conference

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Course: Advances in Monte-Carlo Rendering: The Legacy of Jaroslav Křivánek
Course: Physically Based Shading in Theory and Practice
Real-Time Live!
Talk: Point Light Attenuation Without Singularity
Technical Paper: A Class of C2 Interpolating Splines
Technical Paper: Continuous Multiple Importance Sampling
Technical Paper: Specular Manifold Sampling for Rendering High-Frequency Caustics and Glints


A Whirlwind Introduction to Computer Graphics
Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games
    – The Technical Art of The Last of Us Part II
Advances in Monte-Carlo Rendering: The Legacy of Jaroslav Křivánek
Automatic 3D Reconstruction of Structured Indoor Environments
Dynamic Deformables: Implementation and Production Practicalities
Intelligent Tools for Creative Graphics
Introduction to the Vulkan Computer Graphics API
Moving Mobile Graphics
Physically Based Shading in Theory and Practice
Physics-Based Differentiable Rendering: A Comprehensive Introduction
The Taichi Programming Language: A Hands-On Tutorial

Technical Papers

See Ke-Sen Huang’s comprehensive papers list.


Deconstructing Destruction: Making & Breaking Frozen 2’s Dam
Deep Learned Super Resolution for Feature Film Production
Efficient Multiscale Rendering of Specular Microstructure
FaceBaker: Baking Character Facial Rigs With Machine Learning
Frozen 2: Creating the Water Horse
Frozen 2: Creating the Wind Spirit
Frozen 2: Effects Vegetation Pipeline
Garment Refitting for Digital Characters
GPU Driven Effects of The Last of Us Part II
Hair and Fur in an Evolving Pipeline
How Short Circuit Experiments: Experimental Filmmaking at Walt Disney Animation Studio
‘Hustle by Day, Risk It All by Night’ The Lighting of Need for Speed Heat in Frostbite
Hypertextural Garments on Pixar’s Soul
Integrated Simulation and Visualization for Flood Management
Is It Acid or Is It Fire?
Lighting Technology of The Last of Us Part II
Low-level Optimizations in The Last of Us Part II
Making Beautiful Embroidery for Frozen 2
Making Souls: Methods and a Pipeline for Volumetric Characters
Myth: a Frozen Tale Stylized Effects for Real-Time VR
Organizing the Fuzziest Concerts for Trolls World Tour
PhysLight: An End-to-end Pipeline for Scene-referred Lighting (slides, code)
Point Light Attenuation Without Singularity
Predictable and Targeted Softening of the Shadow Terminator
Rasterizing Volumes and Surfaces for Crowds on Soul
Sculpt Processing for Character Rigging
Taming the Beast: Fur on an Abominable Snowman
Termite: DreamWorks Procedural Environment Rigging Tool
That’s a Wrap: A Manifold Garden Rendering Retrospective
The Collaboration between Art & Technology: Making Disney Animation’s Myth: a Frozen Tale
The Look and Lighting of Show Yourself in Frozen 2
Underwater Bubbles and Coupling
Using Mesh Shaders for Continuous Level-of-detail Terrain Rendering
Velocity-based Compression of 3D Rotation, Translation, and Scale Animations…
Volumetric Effects of The Last of Us Part II


Dynamic Foveated Rendering for Redirected Walking in Virtual Reality
Interferometric Transmission Probing with Coded Mutual Intensity
reFrame: An Alternate Paradigm for Augmented Reality
Simulation of Flexible Patterns by Structural Simplification
Visualization of Angle-dependent Plasmonic Structural Coloration…
Vuja De: Interactive Playback of Recorded Virtual Environments

Emerging Technologies

A Method for Appropriate Occlusion between a Mid-air 3DCG Object and a Hand…
Actuated Club: Modification of Golf-club Posture With Force Feedback … in VR Environment
HARVEST: High-density Tactile Vest That Represents Fingers to Back
High-Speed Focal Tracking Projection Based on Liquid Lens
Hopping-Pong: Computational Curveball in Table Tennis Using Noncontact Ultrasound Force
Interactive Stickies: Low-latency Projection Mapping … on a Movable Surface
Light-field Displays: A View-dependent Approach
Neural Holography
Photo-Chromeleon: Re-Programmable Multi-Color Textures Using Photochromic Dyes
Realistic Dynamic Projection Mapping Using Real-Time Ray Tracing
Simulfocus Imaging: Quasi-simultaneous Multi-focus Imaging…
Super Haptoclone: Upper-body Mutual Telexistence System With Haptic Feedback
TeslaMirror: Multistimulus Encounter-Type Haptic Display … in VR
TorsionCrowds: Multi-Points Twist Stimulation Display for Large Part of the Body
ViBaR: VR Platform Using Kinesthetic Illusions to Enhance Movement Experience