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Jul 24, 2013 - Conference

SIGGRAPH 2013 Links

Once again, I’m collecting links to SIGGRAPH content: courses, talks, posters, etc. I’ll continue to update the post as new stuff appears.


An Introduction to OpenGL Programming
Advances in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games
Combining GPU Data-Parallel Computing With OpenGL
Dynamic 2D/3D Registration for the Kinect
Efficient Real-Time Shadows
Lights! Speed! Action! Fundamentals of Physical Computing for Programmers
Geometry Processing With Discrete Exterior Calculus
Multithreading and VFX
Numerical Methods for Linear Complementarity Problems in Physics-Based Animation
Physically Based Shading in Theory and Practice
Ray Tracing is the Future and Ever Will Be
Recent Advances in Light-Transport Simulation: Theory & Practice
Rendering Massive Virtual Worlds (via @_Humus_)
Turbulent Fluids

Technical Papers

See Ke-Sen Huang’s excellent papers list.


BlockParty 2: Visual Procedural Rigging for Film, TV, and Games
BSSRDF Importance Sampling
Creating a Nimble New Curriculum for Digital Media Artists
Crafting the Vision Effect: An Interactive, Particle-Based Hologram for “Epic”
Coded Exposure HDR Light-Field Video Recording
Discrete Texture Design Using a Programmable Approach
Driving High-Resolution Facial Blendshapes with Video Performance
Hair Growth by Means of Sparse Modeling and Advection
Imperfect Voxelized Shadow Volumes
Incendiary Reflection: Evoking Emotion Through Deformed Facial Feedback
Interactive Indirect Lighting Computed in the Cloud
Jack’s Frost: Controllable Magic Frost Simulations for “Rise of the Guardians”
Lighting Technology of “The Last of Us”
Near-Eye Light Field Displays
Oz: The Great and Volumetric
Pencil-Tracing Mirage: Principle and its Evaluation
Rendering Fur for “Life of Pi”
Screen-Space Curvature for Production-Quality Rendering and Compositing
Sketch-based Pipeline for Mass Customization
Sub-Pixel Shadow Mapping
Survey and Evaluation of Tone Mapping Operators for HDR Video

Exhibitor Tech Talks

NVIDIA Visual Computing Theater
NVIDIA Tech Talks

Mobile Talks

Challenges With High-Quality Mobile Graphics
Graphics on the Go
Make Mobile Apps Quickly
Multi-channel Acoustic Data Transmission to Ad-hoc Mobile Phone Arrays
Unity: The Chase - Pushing the Limits of Modern Mobile GPU (video)


Adjusting the Disparity of Stereoscopic 3D Media in Post Production
Advanced Interfaces to Stem the Data Deluge in Mixed Reality…
Affective Music Recommendation System Using Input Images (video)
Celestia: A Vocal Interaction Music Game
Click & Draw Selection
Coded Exposure HDR Light-Field Video Recording
Conducting and Performing Virtual Orchestra
Cost-Based Workload Balancing for Ray Tracing on Multi-GPU Systems
Digital Ira: Creating a Real-Time Photoreal Digital Actor
Enchanted Scissors: A Scissor Interface for Support in Cutting and Interactive Fabrication
Fast and Accurate Distance, Penetration, and Collision Queries…
Fine Water on Coarse Grids
GPU Ray Tracing with Rayforce
Hierarchical Volumetric Object Representations for Digital Fabrication (thesis)
Humanlike Behavior Model With Probabilistic Intention
i-me TOUCH: Detecting Human Touch Interaction
Interactive Card Weaving Design and Construction
Learning-Based Compression for Real-Time Rendering of Surface Light Fields
LightCluster - Clustering Lights to Accelerate Shadow Computation
Musical Flocks
Near-Field Illumination for Mixed Reality With Delta Radiance Fields
Nutty Tracks - Symbolic Animation Pipeline for Expressive Robotics
Photorealistic Inner Mouth Expression in Speech Animation (video)
Pencil Tracing Mirage: Principle and its Evaluation
PhysPix: Instantaneous Rigid-Body Simulation of Rasters
Polka Dot – The Garden of Water Spirits
Perch on My Arm!: A Haptic Device That Presents Weight and a Sense of Being Grabbed
Practical 3D+2D TV Displays
Real-Time Dust Rendering by Parametric Shell Texture Synthesis (video)
Reflective, Deformable, Colloidal Display: A Waterfall-Based Colloidal Membrane…
Specular Lobe-Aware Up-Sampling Based on Spherical Gaussians
SplineGrip - An Eight-Degrees-of-Freedom Flexible Haptic Sculpting Tool
The Hand as a Shading Probe
Toward Accurate and Efficient Order-Independent Transparency
Tracking Magnetics Above Portable Displays
“Tworlds”: Twirled Worlds for Multimodal “Padiddle” Spinning
Unsupervised Cell Identification on Multidimensional X-Ray Fluorescence Datasets
Visualizing the Flow of Users on a Wireless Network
Visualizing Urban Mobility

Emerging Techologies

AGATHE: A Tool for Personalized Rehabilitation of Cognitive Functions
AIREAL: Tactile Gaming Experiences in Free Air
An Autostereoscopic Projector Array Optimized for 3D Facial Display
AquaTop Display: A True ”Immersive” Water Display System
EMY: Full-Body Exoskeleton
IllumiRoom: Peripheral Projected Illusions for Interactive Experiences
Incendiary Reflection: Evoking Emotion Through Deformed Facial Feedback
Light-in-Flight: Transient Imaging Using Photonic Mixer Devices
PAPILLON: Expressive Eyes for Interactive Characters
TransWall (second video)

Birds of a Feather



Marc Davis Lecture Series: Giants’ First Steps (via Eric Haines)


Mauricio Vives